Great design begins with a wealth of options. After all, finding the perfect fit is less about instantaneous magic than it is about a process of comparison and research as you slowly, but surely, discover what you really want out of a project.

RIVA understands this often-overlooked element of elegance. That is why we didn’t skimp on providing a real richness of choice with our RIVA Elite collection: twelve gorgeous, vibrant colors in the popular eight-inch width designed to transform any room into an extraordinary space.

You’ll be satisfied when you choose to partner with RIVA for your sustainable flooring and design needs. Our fourth-generation company provides a peerless and durable product that could be in place for up to a century!

Scroll down to see a selection of projects using RIVA Elite which are sure to spark your imagination and inspire you to make your next design vision an extraordinary reality!

Mercury Color

Available in: RIVA Elite, RIVA MAX.

Natural tones such as Mercury are a great option! Elegance meets versatility!

Sawtooth Lane | College Grove, Tennessee.

Sawtooth Lane | College Grove, Tennessee.

Crystal Color

Available in: RIVA Metro, RIVA Elite, RIVA MAX, RIVA Tile and Quartz.

Timeless beauty. Crystal is natural, on trend and perfectly blends with any decoration.

Richlands | San Francisco, California.

Richlands | San Francisco, California.