Your wood floor is a unique piece of art, sustainably harvested from nature to bring strength and beauty to the foundation of your living space, and life! The good news is that a quality wood floor installed properly can last a full century! The better news: Compared to the elegance and value wood floors add to your home, maintenance is minimal.

RIVA & Bona: Kindred Spirits

RIVA began in 1937 in Vigo, Spain with a small workshop and now, more than eighty years later, has grown into one of the most respected wood manufacturers across Europe. We’ve learned many things along that amazing journey, but one of the most important lessons is that quality is the key to longevity.

So, when we sought the perfect partner to preserve and protect the fourth-generation wood flooring into which our family pours its heart and soul, it is of course only natural that we would be drawn to a company launched in 1919 from a small Malmö, Sweden shop.

“Our values of passion, performance and pioneering are present in everything we do from our products to our company culture to our sustainable business practices,” the Bona website reads. “It’s not only how we operate the business, it’s how we interact in the world.” Sound familiar?

The Bona difference

Getting down to brass tacks, RIVA utilizes Bona in two ways:

First, in production, we apply six layers of Bona UV-matt lacquer to guarantee maximum protection to our meticulously crafted signature wood flooring. The stunning result speaks for itself.

Second, as a matter of simple, protective preventive maintenance, RIVA encourages clients to use the Bona suite of superior cleaning products—from the company’s revolutionary spray mop filled with it’s Hardwood Floor Cleaner to gentle, machine washable microfiber cleaning pads.

Two companies. Almost two centuries of combined experience. At your service.