How to Buy Hardwood Floors and Ensure a Regret-Free Experience

Investing in hardwood floors can transform your space with elegance and durability. To make a successful purchase, visit the store in person to assess wood board size and obtain samples. For small spaces, choose narrower planks to avoid a cramped look. Opt for engineered hardwood in moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Buy 10% more material for easy replacements and choose stores with favorable exchange policies. Following these tips ensures a confident and satisfying hardwood flooring purchase.

Investing in hardwood floors is a decision that can significantly transform the ambiance of your space while adding a touch of elegance and durability. However, making a successful purchase requires careful consideration and attention to key factors. Here are essential tips to guide you through the buying process: 

Visit the Store in Person to Assess Wood Board Size

To avoid unexpected surprises, visit the store in person to certify that you are buying wood boards with the size idealized in the interior design project. While online shopping offers convenience, physically seeing the dimensions can prevent regrets later. Understanding the actual dimensions ensures better planning and prevents dissatisfaction with the final look. It also gives you the opportunity of getting samples and taking them to your home to make sure that is the color you are looking for. 

Mind the Plank Width for Small Spaces

When selecting hardwood flooring for compact areas, pay attention to the width of the planks. Choosing excessively wide planks in a small room can overwhelm the space visually, making it appear more cramped. Opt for narrower planks to maintain a balanced and spacious feel in confined areas. 

Consider Engineered Hardwood for Kitchen and bathroom 

If you intend to install hardwood flooring in moisture-prone areas like the kitchen or bathroom, consider engineered hardwood. Engineered wood features a moisture-resistant layer, providing added protection against humidity-related issues and enhancing durability in such environments. 

Always buy 10% More for Easy Replacement

Ensure the hardwood material you select is easy to replace if necessary. Opt for a flooring type that allows for simple piece replacement in case of damage, ensuring maintenance convenience and long-term satisfaction. 

Purchase from a Store with Easy Exchange Policies

 Make sure that any concerns or problems can be efficiently addressed. Opt for stores or distributors that work with reputable hardwood floor brands.  

By incorporating these tips into your hardwood floor buying journey, you can navigate the process with confidence and ensure a regret-free experience. From choosing the right material to considering practicality and aesthetics, each step plays a crucial role in achieving a flooring investment that delights for years to come.


Learn about our wood grading.







The upper section of the tree is used for firewood, which may not be suitable for flooring due to higher branch density and smaller trunk size.


Our character grade comes from the middle part of the tree. This part has a visual appeal and some knots but avoids the large holes of the top part. We refer to our character grade as “light character”.


Our select grade comes from the bottom part of the tree and is the youngest wood, which results in the absence of knots and a sleek appearance.


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