Creating fresh vibes: utilizing light-colored hardwood floors in house projects

Light wood color everywhere. In the kitchen cabinet and in the Crystal color RIVA Metro floor. Mobile Studio Design project.

As winter bids farewell and warmer days approach, there’s no better time to infuse living space with a breath of fresh air and light color hardwood floors. With the right choices, you can create a home that exudes a light, airy feel perfect for the sun-filled days ahead. Here are 4 ideas inspired by the spirit of summer to revamp spaces and bring sunshine indoors.

Light colors for a cool ambiance

Infuse the space with the calming hues of summer by incorporating light and breezy colors such as sage green, light blue, and crisp white. These soft shades evoke a sense of serenity and freshness, instantly transforming a room into a tranquil sanctuary.

Kitchen in fresh colors: Sage green and light color hardwood floors. RIVA Metro, Crystal color. Mobile Studio Design project.

Light Color Hardwood Floors

Upgrading flooring with light-colored hardwood floors will enhance the natural light in a home and create an open, airy feel. Light wood tones like oak exude warmth and complement the summery color palette, making the space feel expansive and inviting.

All-white kitchen mood and RIVA QUARTZ light color hardwood floors.

Letting the Light In

Make the most of sunny days by maximizing natural light inside. Sheer curtains or blinds allow sunlight to filter through, creating a soft, glowing ambiance. Position furniture strategically to harness the sun’s rays and illuminate every corner of your space, fostering a bright atmosphere.

Blue sky chairs and RIVA QUARTZ light color hardwood floors evoking a sense of serenity.

Creating a modern and vibrant touch

Mix white and off-white furniture pieces with colorful wall art. This contrast between the neutral furniture and the lively hues of the artwork will create a dynamic visual impact, adding a fresh and uplifting atmosphere to your home that resonates with the sunny days of summer.

Light color hardwood floors RIVA Elite Krypton inside perfectly integrated with the balcony.

Vibrant wall art infusing life and joy into this delightfully bright room with white furniture and light color hardwood floors RIVA Elite Krypton.