I was born in Vigo, Spain, where my family’s journey in the wood industry began with a small workshop in 1937. Though I studied mechanical engineering in Madrid, I never planned to join the family business. However, during college, my father suggested I work at the factory in the mornings and study in the evenings. 

This experience immersed me in the industry, covering wood production, manufacturing, and supply chain. I found my passion in this work and seized the opportunity and challenge before me. For my graduation thesis, I developed a high-end hardwood flooring business proposal through market research, innovation, digital marketing, and product sampling.

We are driven by design and innovation, providing our customers with the utmost quality in their flooring solutions. We are revolutionizing this traditional industry by always being at the forefront, continuously working on improving our products.​

Seven years ago, I moved to the US to launch this new business, and the journey has been incredibly enlightening. Our emphasis on personal relationships and high-quality products resonated well. Despite some initial skepticism due to my age, many embraced our innovative ideas and bold perspectives. Our commitment to mastering excellence and showcasing our products in the most elegant way possible has set us apart, allowing us to redefine industry standards.


With my brother Jacobo managing operations in Spain, I can focus on expanding our presence in the US, setting us on the path to becoming an international brand. We are building a team of young, ambitious talent and fostering strong relationships with our partners, architects, interior designers, and home builders. Our deep industry knowledge and powerful purpose drive us to continue innovating and making a significant impact in the industry and in the lives of our customers.

— Borja Iglesias

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Learn about our wood grading.







The upper section of the tree is used for firewood, which may not be suitable for flooring due to higher branch density and smaller trunk size.


Our character grade comes from the middle part of the tree. This part has a visual appeal and some knots but avoids the large holes of the top part. We refer to our character grade as “light character”.


Our select grade comes from the bottom part of the tree and is the youngest wood, which results in the absence of knots and a sleek appearance.


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