Coastal Luxury: How to Match Wall Color with Wood Floor

If you’re looking for references on how to match wall color with wood floor, we have some high-end design ideas for you. This fabulous interior design project at Bay Colony, in Naples, Florida, is a proof that hardwood flooring is so versatile that a single type can be used creating unique spaces with different styles of walls. Each choice – wallpaper, cladding, a wood wall, or a neutral color, like beige – provides a distinctive approach to blend textures and colors for a visually cozy and striking outcome.

Cladding and hardwood in a sophisticated combination

Cladding and hardwood flooring RIVA MAX 10”, color Earth, adds warmth and sophistication to your interior design. 

Cladding, whether in the form of shiplap, stone, or brick, brings a textural element that can enrich the visual appeal of a room. When paired with hardwood floors, it creates a striking balance between rustic and contemporary design. Consider using cladding as an accent wall to highlight specific areas of your space, such as the fireplace or dining area. Cladding and hardwood flooring adds warmth and sophistication to your interior design. 


Easy and Cozy: Wallpaper and Hardwood 

Pick a wallpaper and voilá! Your Earth color RIVA MAX 10” hardwood floor cozy room is ready to enjoy.

Wallpaper can magically transform a space. Pairing wallpaper with rich hardwood flooring creates a dynamic contrast that adds depth and character to any room. Wallpapers with subtle patterns or bold motifs complement the natural beauty of hardwood floors. This combination can breathe life into a living room or bedroom, adding a touch of elegance and charm.


Embrace the Dark Wood-Paneled Walls Trend

Family room with natural mood: Dark Wood-Paneled Walls and Earth color RIVA MAX 10” hardwood floor 

Bring the beauty of outdoors into your home with a wood wall that complements your hardwood flooring. To match wall color with wood floor, feel inspired by the dark wood-paneled walls trend which creates warmth and coziness. This wood wall and hardwood floor combination adds a touch of organic beauty to your home. 


Quiet luxury: Classic Beige Walls and Wood

Beige provides a neutral backdrop that enhances Earth RIVA MAX 10” hardwood floor elegance.

In this entryway, walls in a classic beige hue, white baseboards, and hardwood floors set the perfect foundation for decor in the ultimate quiet luxury style. This combination is versatile and timeless, making it ideal for a variety of design styles, from traditional to contemporary. Chic way to match wall color with wood floor and welcome guests with good taste.