Our debut premium wood flooring collection is a singular bridge between ancient techniques and modern design that result in eight stunning, distinctive colors.

Born of a singular dedication to craftmanship, LA RIVA, like any work of true art is timeless, durable, and imbued with an evocative beauty that transcends the ordinary.

Let’s explore the benefits of light tones listed above in more detail.

The unique combination of tradition, science and innovation will elevate the wood’s natural beauty and result in unparalleled masterpieces.

The artisan behind this experience is Tom Goddijn. From the halls of the Dutch Parliament to the Royal Residence of the Queen of Holland, he has perfected the art of hand-sculpturing for thirty-eight years. Now in collaboration with RIVA, Goddijn’s breathtaking work can now grace your own projects.

Discover eight one-of-a-kind colors full of richness, natural beauty, and exceptional quality with LA RIVA. Long boards available in: 8”, 10”, 12”, and 14” wide planks in character and select grade.