There is no doubt that wide plank flooring is on the upswing. Back in the day, this was actually the “norm” as cutting the lumber into narrower planks was not usual.

As wood engineering technology evolves, wide floor planks enjoy greater durability, elegance, and a renaissance moment in the wider design world.

Wide plank wood floors bring an upscale feeling and elevate any space.

From traditional to modern to vintage designs, wide planks are a stunning foundation from which to build, whatever your personal aesthetic and vision may be.

Let’s explore the benefits of light tones listed above in more detail.

Crystal by RIVA MAX (10”) | Arte Surfside (FL) | Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel in collaboration with Kobi Karp

Inspire a sense of strength, grounding, and serenity.

Wider planks not only translate to fewer seams in installation—and, therefore, a more sweeping, uninterrupted flow—but also allow more space for wood to really shine.

Pearl by RIVA MAX (10”) | Texas Hill Country (TX) | Susan Semmelmann Interiors.